Dr. Lubna Kamaluddin

Consultant Internal Medicine-Diabetes and Endocrinology



- Diabetes Mellitus Type 1 and Type 2
- Gestational Diabetes
- Diabetes During the Holy Month (Ramadan)
- Insulin Pump Management
- Hyperlipidemia
- Hypertention
- Thyroid Disorders
- Parathyroid Disorders

Type of Consultations

- Adolescents
- Adults


Arabic and English

about the doctor

Dr Lubna Mohamed Hasan Kamaluddin, Consultant Internal Medicine.  Graduated from the Arabian Gulf University, Bahrain, and practiced at Salmaniya Medical Complex Internal Medicine Department. Dr. Lubna’s scope of work includes   all specialties in general medicine (Cardiology, Rheumatology, Gastroenterology, Respiratory Medicine, Critical Care Medicine, Infectious Diseases, Hematological Disorders, Neurology, Nephrology, along with Endocrinology and Diabetes).

Experienced in treating inpatients and outpatients with Diabetes and Endocrine diseases, including the management of patients with:

– Diabetes mellitus both types 1 and 2
– Gestational diabetes
– Insulin pump management
– Diabetes during the holy month (Ramadhan)
– Hyperlipidemia and hypertension
– Diabetes insipidus
– Disturbances in thyroid and parathyroid hormones
– Disturbances in pituitary gland hormones
– Disturbances in adrenal gland hormones
– Polycystic ovary syndrome
– Obesity
– Vitamin D deficiency and osteoporosis.


  • - Bachelor of Science in Basic Medical Sciences, Arabian Gulf University, Bahrain.
  • - Doctor of Medicine, MD. Arabian Gulf University, Kingdom of Bahrain.
  • - Post Graduate Diploma in Diabetes, Cardiff University, United Kingdom.
  • - Arab Board Certificate in Internal Medicine
  • - Masters in Healthcare Ethics and Law, Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland.

Teaching Appointments

  • - Involved in clinical teaching at Arabian Gulf University
  • - Involved in teaching medical ethics and law at the Royal College of Surgeons in Bahrain.

Professional Society Memberships

  • Member, Bahrain Medical Society

Qualified, skillful and professional