Do you offer services other than Diabetes treatment?

Yes, the Center also offers the following services:

  1. Gastroenterology and Hepatology
  2. Cardiology
  3. Neurology
  4. Ophthalmology including Lasik
  5. Rheumatology including Osteoporosis Clinic & Vitamin D Deficiency
  6. Podiatry & Foot Care
  7. GP/ Family Medicine
  8. Comprehensive Radiology, Laboratory and Pharmacy
  9. Pre-marital Screening

Where is your Center located?

  1. Gulf Medical and Diabetes Center is located in Manama, next to the Salmaniya Medical Complex and the Arabian Gulf University.

 What are the additional services available?

  1. Ample car parking
  2. Disable Parking
  3. Coffee Shop
  4. Free Internet
  5. Wheelchair Assistance
  6. Visiting Doctors

Qualified, skillful and professional